The visualization of magnetic force (2017) is an ongoing interdisciplinary research/experiment with the purpose of visualizing the interaction of different mediums that contains metal or other elements that might interact with the magnetic force.    


Within this project all the visual mediums are the results of the second experiments that been conducted over the last 6 months. During these experiments we were discovered several mixture of elements that interacts well with the magnetic force; printer's ink, petroleum, and baby oil. All of them were mixed according to formulation's blend in order to achieve a unique patterns. The strength of the magnetic field still based on the amount of magnet that used (we are not succeed yet in making controllable of magnet) however it's giving a more varieties of visual patterns that artistically multi-interpretable.   


Duration of the magnetic interaction is approximately one - two minutes which creates increase speed of movement following by decreasing at the last minutes. The visual is reversely interpreted by the sound elements within this project. Instead of increasing sound parameters or complexity the visual was independently developed which create other perspective 'seeing' this work.