Spectrum Glitch-Feedback (2021) is an audiovisual work with a twofold concept exploring the structure of a specific site and visualizing the glitch sounds. This work meant to be projected into a cubical-like space with three or more video projectors, including a stereo speaker system to achieve the immersiveness.  


The visual materials are based on a two-element, a recorded video, and a generative visual. They are manipulated in real-time through the amalgamation of incoming audio signals (musical material) and individual automated algorithms for each visual entity.


The final visual presentation of this work utilizes the Parallax perspective, also commonly known as trompe l'oeil—a specific technique to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions, a comparable illusion in architecture.


Lastly, the musical concept adopted a glitch-noise aesthetic created through the real-time manipulation of samples combined with several synthesis techniques.