Silent Earthquake (2019) is a generative art piece that melds sound, visual and video art. The music, composed by Random Brothers and played using modular, generates codes written by visual artist Patrick Hartono. In producing this experience art, as depicted in the video, authors of the piece are almost absent. One could catch a glimpse of the modular brothers sitting, but not sitting – present, but not present.


Despite the absence of action, intensity and turbulence emerge from the work. Silent Earthquake symbolises the paradox within one’s soul; still yet eruptive; stable yet evolutive; stagnant, while in a perpetual search of change; silent, while seeking to be heard. The artists compare the characteristics of a creative person to that of a volcano. As it sleeps, it is never asleep. It is in itself moving as it moves others.


Random Brothers

Silent Earthquake (2019)

Mixed media

Variable dimensions



Visual by Patrick Hartono

Video by NWCN

Descriptory by Lalune