"Parakletos " (2021)


'Parakletos' is an interactive audiovisual composition that is the first outcome of an ongoing experiment investigating the relationship between sound and visuals. Parakletos is a Koine Greek word for advocate, where can interpret as 'pendamping' in Indonesian or companion in English. Hence, the individual role of sound and visuals elements means to "espouse" each other, packaged and present through compositional approach interactively in real-time.  


A custom interactive music system is built to accommodate this notion that allows both elements to communicate dynamically based on composer/performer decisions during the performance according to the planned scenario. 


The sound/music part is composed firstly and functions as fundamental structures to establish developments in the micro-level that transpire during the performance. On the other hand, the visual element is relatively 'free,' meaning its original form can be altered in real-time but still continuously bound with sound through the mapped data derived from the spectrum analysis. 


In terms of materiality, there is no direct association between both elements. However, as sound and visual synchronizes in real-time during the performance, the expressive and informative value is expected to be achieved, which sounds enrich given images vice versa; On the other hand, images "make us hear sound differently than if the sound were ringing out in the dark" (Chion, added value).