Patrick Gunawan Hartono is a composer, audiovisual artist, and music researcher with an extensive academic background. He was born in Makassar, Indonesia, in 1988, and has dedicated himself to the realm of music and technology.


Patrick's academic journey is remarkable. He obtained a BMus in Composition with honors from the Rotterdam Conservatory and pursued studies at the Institute of Sonology. Continuing his educational path, he earned an MMus in Sonic Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London, and completed a Live Electronic Course at IRCAM in Paris. Subsequently, he attained a doctoral degree in Interactive Composition from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


His creative work has received acclaim, including the ICMA Audience Award in 2017 for his piece "Matrix Studies." Patrick also won the 1st Prize for the WOCMAT 2019 International Electroacoustic Music Young Composer Award and was awarded the Prix CIME residency in 2021 for his composition "Parakletos." In Spring 2022, he served as a composer-in-residence at the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia at the University of North Texas.


Patrick's creative process is heavily influenced by technology and scientific methodologies. His artistic interests span various disciplines, including 3-D sound spatialization, analog/digital synthesis, psychoacoustics, creative machine learning, and visual music. Notably, Patrick's compositions blend traditional Indonesian musical instruments, computer-generated sounds and visuals, and field recordings seamlessly. Utilizing mathematical principles, real-time interactions, and controlled random operations, he adeptly manipulates these elements to create immersive sonic experiences.

Apart from his artistic pursuits, Patrick actively contributes to the field of computer music. He holds esteemed positions as a board member for the International Computer Music Association (ICMA) and the Australasia Computer Music Association. Recently, he joined the board of Liquid Architecture, demonstrating his dedication to advancing musical exploration.


Patrick's works have gained international recognition and have been featured at respected festivals and conferences worldwide, including ICMC, YCMF, WOCMAT, Sound Bridge Festival, ZKM, IRCAM, NYCEMF, Sound Image, ACL, Gaudeamus, Sonorities Festival (SARC), ACMC, BEAST, CCRMA (Stanford), KEAMSAC, NIME, iiicon (Harvard), and Ars Electronica, among others. His contributions to the academic discourse are evident through his research on experimental music in Indonesia, published in esteemed journals like Organized Sound and various conference proceedings.


Currently, Patrick serves as a Lecturer in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he continues to engage with the national and international computer music community, collaborating and sharing his expertise.